The radiant light, unhindered and inconceivable, eradicates suffering and brings realization of joy; the excellent Name, perfectly embodying all practices, eliminates obstacles and dispels doubt. This is the teaching and practice for our latter age; devote yourself solely to it. It is eye and limb in this defiled world; do not fail to endeavor in it. Accepting and living the supreme, universal Vow, then, abandon the defiled and aspire for the pure. Reverently embracing the Tathagata's teaching, respond in gratitude to his benevolence and be thankful for his compassion.

~ Shinran Shonin, Passages on the Pure Land Way

Thursday, July 27, 2017

HORAI Introduction #224 by Zuiken Sensei

          Often tasting the imperial command [of the Vow], the words of a person rolled up by Namo Amida Butsu are a wonderful thing; through this person’s words, the Tathāgata of Immeasurable Light is working.

          Unless causes and conditions ripen, even a wise person, no matter how learned, cannot taste the imperial command.

          Without listening to the Buddha-Dharma, no matter how much time has passed, the causes and conditions will not come. What you heard today becomes a cause and condition; it becomes past good. Past good is the illumination of Amida Nyorai’s Light.